Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thriving Thirty

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, I am still alive on the day when I turned 30 :)

I didn't have the intention to celebrate my 30th birthday this year. Probably just a small celebration with my family and some close friends. I truly didn't expect my workmates would throw a cake on the morning of my birthday and another one in the afternoon. To add the awesome feelings, my close friends; DangDutts, WangDutts and KidDutts had a barbeque night to wrap up the day. How blessed!

the morning cake

the noon cake

the night cake

And today, I am expecting another cake from my family...and a surprise from DH *haha*
Strictly no diet regime is to be followed yesterday and today as it can start tomorrow. *LOL*
Indeed I feel so blessed to be surrounded by warm loving colleagues, besties and family.


I give myself a layout by way of celebrating it.

~* 30 Wishes *~

I never make a list of what I want in my life. I don't even like making groceries list. Its so hard to follow! LOL! Towards the extend before another decade of my birthday, I am now trying to make a wish list before I reach 40...i.e if I am still around. :)

The list is to be anon for now...will share it once I finish listing them out *hehe*

This LO is created based on Pencillines Sketch 212 by the wonderful talented Sasha Farina. She is one of my scrapper idol from Singapore. Her work simply amazing! I truly like her style. Thanks Sasha for being a beautiful inspirations!!

To end, wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. Will be making a round visits to families today although DH is at work and picking a Qurban meat later.

Thank you Allah for this wonderful life (though it is only a temporary term) that you have given to us.... May Allah guide us to a better life now and Thereafter. Amin.

Love yous ♥


  1. Happy Birthday Groovie Vivi! :)

    ohhh...so much sweetness for a Sweet Lady :)
    we are the November Girls yeah ;)

    hope your wish will come true and May Allah Bless You :)

  2. Such an eye-catching LO ! Happy belated 30th

  3. beautiful LO vivs... Hope u had a great bday.... xoxo