Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mi Amor

I am loving the creative feel I'm having right now :)

Mr Mojo has been terrific and doing his fab job! Been creating LOs these two days and completing some Happy Scrappers challenges set among the group weeks weeks ago! LOL!

First I want to share with you a LO using one of the most complicated but BEAUTIFUL papers I ever played; Websters Pages.
Yeahuh!! Its sooo hard because its just too gorgeous!! hehe

I am using Pencil Lines Sketch 216 for this LO.

~* Mi Amor *~

Here's a couple more close ups.

If you watched closely, my colour photos were faded as if the they're ran out of inks.. its because IT IS! *LOL* My ink printer were running low and this is the only double photos I have in my photo boxes. I was too lazy to have it develop at the photo store so I just use this one, as a recycle bit. :D

The dress foam cutout is too sexy for this LO! heee

Ahh..well this concludes my post.. Will post more LOs from the Happy Scrappers pre-set challenges once I finish all 5 (or 6) of them.

Ciao! :)